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Table 3 The effect of China OFDI on export trade: regression of sub developed sample (the estimation of PPML)

From: Does Chinese OFDI really promote export?

Explanatory variable:
China’s exports to the host country
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
1-year lag of OFDI stock −0.038
2-year lag of OFDI stock −0.056
3-year lag of OFDI stock −0.078
Control variables in the gravity model Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Individual fixed effect No No No Yes Yes Yes
N 339 306 274 339 306 274
R 2 0.549 0.549 0.550 0.980 0.983 0.987
  1. Note: (1) the control variables in the gravity model include: GDP of the host country, GDP of China, geographic distance, the border dummy, the common language dummy, the FTA with China dummy, the OECD dummy, the WTO dummy, regional fixed effects, legal origin fixed effects, year fixed effects; (2) the value in the brackets is the t statistic; (3) the estimation of the standard errors of coefficients is clustered on the individual country level