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Table 1 Variable name and explanation

From: Leisure participation patterns and gender wage gap—evidence from Chinese manufacturing industry

Variable name Explanation
Standard hours The specified number of artifacts workers must finish in the time given based on the average performance of the team.
Income Income this month includes performance-related pay, seniority pay, and comprehensive evaluation wages.
Sleeping time L1 The time for sleeping, washing, and marital activities after work
Sports time L2 The time for walking, taking exercise, keeping fit, and making beauty after work
Literary time L3 The time for listening to music, reading, drawing, and reading newspapers and magazines after work
Recreation time L4 The time for watching TV, playing microblog and games, playing computers, chatting online, surfing the Internet, watching plays and films, and other recreational activities after work
Social time L5 The time for dining out, talking business and singing after work
Enjoy time L6 Different from the entertainment time, the enjoying time means the time for going together, shopping, having a foot massage, and other enjoying consumption activities after work.
Passive leisure time L7 The time for playing mahjong, smoking, drinking, and other negative leisure activities after work
Housework time L8 The time for cleaning rooms, cooking, taking care of children and family members, and buying groceries after work
Gross leisure time PLT The gross leisure time at work