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Table 3 The trade cost sensitivity of 17 sub industries in manufacturing

From: Measuring aggregate trade costs and its empirical effects on manufacturing export composition in China

Industry Trade cost sensitivity
C15T16 Food, beverage and manufacturing 0.118279
C17T19 Textile, garment and leather manufacturing 0.201804
C20 Wood products 0.178894
C21T22 Paper products and printing products 0.216988
C24 Chemical products manufacturing 0.241970
C25 Rubber and plastic products manufacturing 0.210127
C26 Other non-metallic mineral products manufacturing 0.166794
C27 Basic metal manufacturing 0.311347
C28 Metal products manufacturing, except for machinery and equipment 0.262296
C29 Manufacturing of machinery and equipment not yet be classified 0.276759
C30 Office, accounting and computing machinery manufacturing 0.523639
C31 Manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment not yet be classified 0.352378
C32 Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus 0.464463
C33 Manufacture of medical equipment, precision instruments and optical instruments, watches and clocks manufacturing 0.353313
C34 Manufacture of vehicles, trailers and semi trailers 0.270345
C35 Other transportation equipment manufacturing 0.264931
C36T37 Miscellaneous products and waste resource recovery 0.212123