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Table 4 Financial operation of pension fund (“selective two-child policy” is introduced)

From: From “selective two-child policy” to universal two-child policy: will the payment crisis of China’s pension system be solved?

Case Point that deficit appears Point that cumulative deficit appears Cumulative deficit in 2090 (Billion yuan) Change of cumulative deficit in 2090 (%)
“One-child policy” 2023-2037, 2059–2090 2076–2090 422,365.195
13% of qualified couples have the second child 2023–2037, 2059–2090 2077–2090 383,238.042 −9.26
50% of qualified couples have the second child 2023–2037, 2061–2090 2081–2090 270,235.549 −36.02
All qualified couples that satisfied the “selective two-child” have second child 2023–2037, 2066–2090 2085–2090 118,879.393 −71.85
  1. Note: The change of cumulative deficit of pension fund in 2090 in the different situations is compares with the situation of continually implementing “one-child policy”. The 13% of qualified couples refer to couples that satisfy the requirement of “selective one-child policy”